Process Outline

I. Repair Estimate
This is where the actual damages are being checked and listed in an estimate sheet. Price of each item is also listed and later submitted to the vehicle owner or insurance for approval.
List includes:
• Parts for replacement
• Tinsmith Labor
• Painting Labor
• Required Materials

II. Costumer and Insurance Coordination

• Request customer or insurance approval to proceed with the repair.
• Follow up with insurance the Letter of Authority (LOA).
• Preparation of Job Order upon approval.

III. Receiving

This is where the vehicle for repair is received from the customer (either the vehicle owner, insurance company, or from a car dealership partner). Checklisting is also being performed to record the actual condition of the vehicle. This also where the parts for replacement is received from the customer
Job Order (JO) is prepared to be signed by the customer. This will serve as the main reference of the repairs to be made for the vehicle.


  1. Parts dis-assembly & Re-inspection
  2. Panel Beating
  3. Panel Replacement
  4. Spot Welding & MIG Welding
  5. Frame/Chassis Alignment
  6. Quality Inspection of completed repairs

V. Paint Preparation

1. Body Filler/Putty Application
2. Dry Sanding
3. Masking
4. Primer Application
5. Drying
6. Quality Inspection of completed repairs

IV. Paint Mixing & Paint Application

  1. Mixing of required Paint Color
  2. Spray test of Mixed Color
  3. Masking
  4. Base Coat Application
  5. Clear Coat Application
  6. Drying – Oven Baked or Infrared
  7. Quality Inspection of completed repairs

VII. Polishing

  1. Application of Rubbing Compound
  2. Sanding of painted portion with dirt
  3. Polishing of Repainted Panel
  4. Quality Inspection of completed repairs

VIII. Re-Assembly

1. Re-installation of dismantled parts
2. Glass works

IX. Mechanical & Electrical

  1. Mechanical Repairs – Engine, Transmission, Suspension, Air-con
  2. Electrical – Body & Engine Electrical
  3. Electrical and Mechanical Troubleshooting / Repair
  4. Test Drive
  5. Quality Inspection of completed repairs

X. Cleaning & Detailing

  1. Body Wash w/ Shampoo
  2. Interior Cleaning
  3. Body Waxing
  4. Quality Inspection of completed job

XI. Final Quality Inspection

1. Comprehensive check of repaired panels and parts
2. Double checking of general vehicle condition
3. Test Drive