About Us

Suburbia Automotive Ventures Inc. (SAVI) started as Philippine Rustproofing Incorporated (PRI) in 1974 as the franchise holder of Tuff KoteDinol of Sweden. It is a one product, one Service Company.  This is the carrier of Rustproofing logo of Tuff KoteDinol. 

In 1992, Philippine Rustproofing Inc. became the sole distributor of Rhino Linings Products here in the Philippines.

In 1993, PRI diversified into three major companies to cater different market of specific products and services.  These are

, focused on the Aftermarket Services; these are the Automotive  Dealers, Walk-in Customers, and Fleet Companies. PISCC, targeted the  Automotive Plants /OEM as the main market.  The company manufactured,  imported, and re-packed automotive products to supply the target  market such as PVC Sealers, Welding Sealers, Anti-corrosion Chemicals,  Polyurethane Sealants, Long Life Coolants, Windshield Washer Fluids  and Brake Fluids. While CNRGI is committed in painting of OEM Plastic  parts & Truck assembly.

In 1994, SAVI introduced the Detailing Services inside the automotive dealers. 

In 2000, Tuff-KoteDinol awarded to SAVI the license to produce Rustproofing Chemical of Tuff KoteDinol Formulation.  These are the Black Sealant use for Undercoating application and the Cavity Wax for the top side application of Rustproofing.

In 2001, SAVI expanded the business in Visayas and Mindanao.  Introduced all the Products and Services line up the region.

In 2002, started the partnership with Almazora Motors in the application of Rhino Linings to Mitsubishi FB L300 flooring.

In 2004, SAVI was appointed as the sole official detailer of Honda Cars Philippines Inc., for all Honda Cars dealership.

In 2005, Rhino Linings USA expanded worldwide, Philippine market now transferred the management to Rhino Linings Australia.  Since then, Rhino Linings Australiasia became the principal of all Rhino Linings products. Then, SAVI became the exclusive distributor of all Rhino Linings products in the Philippines.

In 2007, the company penetrated the Body Repair and Painting Services inside Dealers.  We supplied the Man, Materials, Method, and Machine depending on the needs of the dealer.  The 1st dealer BRP account were Honda Cars Pasig and Honda Cebu.

In 2014, to be able to create more focus in various target market of each product and services and to specialize the skills needed in each group of services, divisions were created; these are the Body Repair and Painting (BRP), Rhino Linings, and Regular Services that handles the Rustproofing, Detailing, and Washing Services.

In 2016, to be able to address the main challenges of BRP division with regards to manpower sourcing and skill competencies, the company established its own BRP Technical School at Alabang.  The school is tied up with TESDA and all students are scholars of the company.  All graduates will become employee of the company.


In the same year, Rhino Linings Division diversify into Industrial Market Application of Rhino Linings.  Introduced the range of product for Flooring and Commercial application.